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farewell-noisy&digital-songs with crazy rhythms within

In November 2014, the influential Portuguese music magazine “Blitz” considered Ferraz on of the 30th best Portuguese guitarist in the last 30 years.

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If something here seems strange or wrong, don't worry. Trust your heart

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Colonial Wars out May 7, 2021, at Bandcamp

Sinfonietta Kids, out April 9, 2021

1st single from "Colonial Wars"

the new album

more music - albums & ep's (1st editions)

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'Machines for Don quixote viva la muerte?'

by Jorge Ferraz

(Cobra / Brandit, 2018)


exploding cities

'33 minutes of weakness and imperfection'

by Exploding cities

(Cellarius Noisy Machinae, 2014)


Jorge Ferraz

'Humanos Abençoados'

by Jorge Ferraz Trio

(Presente, 2010)


Jorge Ferraz

'Ángeles en Loop"'

by  Fatimah X

(Transformadores, 2003)


Jorge Ferraz

'África Mecânica de Metal'

by Jorge Ferraz

(Zounds, 2008)


'Desnorte ou Inquietação"'

by  Muad'Dib & the Jinin Orchestra

(Author's edition, 2001)



'A revolução não será uma explosão"'

by Muad'Dib off Distortion

(Música Aletrnativa, 1998)



'3 Shaken"

by God Spirou

(El Tatu, 1993)



Santa Maria Gasolina

'Santa Maria, Gasolina em Teu Ventre!"

by Santa Maria, Gasolina em Teu Ventre!

(Author's edition, 1991)




'João Peste & O AcidoxiBordel "

by João Peste & O AcidoxiBordel

(Ama Romanta,1990)



Santa Maria Gasolina


by Santa Maria, Gasolina em Teu Ventre!

(Ama Romanta, 1989)



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